You Are Not Unique

I hate to break it to any of you reading this, but you are not unique.

Your mom may have told you that you were special. Your teachers may have said you were their favorite. But they were wrong. All of them.
You see, right now, you’re probably going through something. A challenge, or a speed bump, if you will. You probably feel lonely and confused and like you’re the only person who this is happening to. You may think that no one else understands what you’re going through or how you feel. You think your situation is unique, just like you are.
But you are wrong.
There are so many times we are afraid to talk about our struggles, our hurts, our challenges, our bad times. We want everyone to think that everything is fine and that nothing is really weighing us down. There’s something to be said about sharing, though. Just this afternoon I had lunch with a co-worker, and as we sat in her office talking about how things are going lately, I realized that she articulated exactly how I’ve been feeling about some things lately. I felt a hundred pounds lighter after she and I talked!
So, the next time you’re feeling just a little off or like things are about to come crashing down on you, remember that you are not unique. Somebody, somewhere has gone through the same situation and can offer support and advice to you. Don’t suffer alone; reach out and talk to someone, and you’ll see how un-unique you really are!