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Optimistic October Day 25: Death

Well that title doesn’t seem very optimistic, does it? When I was rushing driving to work the other day, I took a back road since I was coming from a different part of town. During this drive, I passed a cemetery and saw people gathered around a grave saying their final goodbyes. Death doesn’t seem …


Optimistic October Day 24: Frazzled

If you know me in real life, then you know I can be a bit challenged when it comes to time management. I usually am running 5 or 10 minutes behind to everything, even if I plan ahead and intend to leave early. As a result, I often feel frazzled and rushed. Being frazzled is …


Optimistic October Day 23: Gifts

Don’t you love unexpected gifts? This morning, my mom told me to go get a Starbucks drink on her so I could start my day happy. It was such a little thing (her account has a ridiculous amount on it right now! Guess what she got for her birthday? Ha!), but it meant so much …