This is a post…

…that is only being published for the purpose of keeping my writing streak alive. Horrible sinus headache tonight. Thank you, Tennessee weather. I’ll be back tomorrow!

Fit Friday : Week 4 

No update this week because life has been a little crazy for us lately…

Next week’s food will likely consist of whatever is in our cabinets and fridge/freezer. Wish us luck! 

Six signs that you’ve found your spouse

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary! In honor of that, I decided to share this post from November 2015. Over a year later, all of these signs still apply to my wonderful husband…and I”m not just saying that because of the two glasses of fantastic anniversary wine I’ve had! 😉

The Monday That Wouldn’t Quit

This has been an exceptionally Mondayish Monday. I was just going to leave this week blank, but I want to be more consistent, you know for the month I have left before baby girl is born. So share something happy with me or something Mondayish to commiserate with my whiny self. 

Commercial Break

Tonight’s posting was supposed to be a book review, but there’s been some kind of mix up with the publishing company, the postal service, Frosty the Snowman, or some other factor, so I haven’t received it! Oops! Instead of depriving all of you of new content, I thought I would take a commercial break and make a couple of announcements.

Announcement the first: I’m now a contributor to the Nashville Moms Blog! Shout out to my college friend Amy for posting that they were looking for contributors. There will likely be some weeks that I link to that content on here since I’ll be publishing original material there.

Announcement the second: I’m still looking for guest posters during my blogging maternity leave. Don’t be shy! Contact me if you’re interested in submitting a post!

That’s all folks. This post was short and sweet, just like me!