Wednesday Weigh In: Week 8

This week I’m down…

3.6 pounds!

I don’t know what I did differently over the last week, but I’d like to do it again. Repeatedly.

This takes me to a 9 pound weight loss, so I still haven’t achieved my second goal from my original posting about my weight. I’m listing my goals below to re-motivate myself. Also, I’m starting a challenge at my gym tonight (well, it started Saturday, but this is the first time I’ve been back since last week) where the person who loses the most body fat in 3 months wins money. I like money, so this should really motivate me!

My original goals/timetable:

  • 5 pounds lost by 08/29/12. Reward: new nail polish (1-2 bottles) (Accomplished on 08/29!)
  • 10 pounds lost by 09/19/12. Reward: new earrings 
  • 15 pounds lost by 10/10/12. Reward: new workout socks
  • 20 pounds lost by 10/31/12. Reward: new Threadless t-shirt (have some designs in mind…just depends on what’s available at the time)
  • 25 pounds lost by 11/21/12. Reward: another new Threadless t-shirt because there are several I like! =)
  • 30 pounds lost by 12/19/12. Reward: new Pandora charm
  • 35 pounds lost by 01/16/13. Reward: new expensive-ish sports bra (I know, between this and the socks, I’m super exciting, right?)
  • 42 pounds lost by 02/14/13. Reward: new Toms shoes!
Starting weight: 167 pounds
Current weight: 158 pounds
Goal weight: 125 pounds

Health progress

This post is basically a case of me using the blog as my journal since I’m sitting at the computer. It’s also a way to encourage me on the days when I’m frustrated about the whole weight loss process and health journey.

Since I’ve started working on my weight back in January, I’ve lost around 15 pounds, which is not a whole lot, but it’s a decent start. More importantly, I’ve made strides in my health and athleticism and things I can do. Here are some of them:

1. Have steadily improved my 5K times. Even from July to today, I’ve shaved a little over 3 minutes off my time and will just continue to get better.

2. Can jog for entire songs now (such as “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. Guess that makes me Sporty Spice…ha).

3. Can do at least 5 legit, on my toes push ups in a row. I could possibly do more than that if I haven’t done any arm/upper body work before I start them.

4. Can almost get my heels on the ground when I do the downward dog pose in yoga, instead of having my heels raised in the air and my weight on my toes.

5. Consistently improving the amount of weight I can lift when doing various exercises.

The list goes on and on, but these were the ones that popped into my head immediately. I am getting fitter and stronger, even if I haven’t changed my diet enough to see drastic weight loss. It’s time for that phase now. I’m doing a challenge at my gym where the person who loses the most body fat by December 29 wins money. That sure would go a long way towards a new skinny wardrobe! So, like I said, this is mainly for my own encouragement, but on the off chance that anyone sees this, I wanted to say that progress is definitely possible. I still have a long way to go on some of my fitness goals and my weight loss goal, but it’s doable! If I can do it, anyone can! =)

Wednesday Weigh In: Week 7

This week I’m down…

-1 pounds.

Another 1 pound gain over the last couple of weeks.

This is getting really frustrating. Less than 6 pounds down in 7 weeks. Give me a break.

I need to get back on track with my eating because I’m missing goals left and right.

Starting weight: 167 pounds
Current weight: 161.6 pounds
Goal weight: 125 pounds

Also, I completely missed this yesterday because I didn’t get home until later than normal last night. Hope my fans aren’t disappointed that this is a day late… ;-p

Wednesday Weigh In: Week 6

This week I’m down…


I missed weighing in this week because I had to work late on Tuesday. I like to try to weigh in at the same time and on the same scale every week for consistency. Oh well. I also missed my target 10 pound loss date.  I may need to do some reconfiguring. Sigh…

Wednesday Weigh In: Week 5

This week I’m down…

1.8 pounds!

Woo hoo! I made up for last week plus a little extra. That’s always nice!

Now for a little confession. I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday. There’s someone I know who started her health journey at the end of July, and she’s already lost 13 pounds. I really started hitting it at the beginning of August, and I’m only down 6ish pounds. I got so frustrated wondering why my progress was so slow, what I should do differently, etc, and I may have sent one of my gym’s owners a crazy Facebook message telling her about everything I do wrong and asking why those things have caused me not to lose as much weight as the other girl. Sigh. So, for anyone out there who is reading this and working to lose weight, don’t worry if you have crazy jealousy days because it happens to everyone! Also, my trainer said not to compare myself to anyone else. I think this is an important lesson because I compare myself to others in a lot of ways- weight loss, marriage age, clothing, etc- but this is ridiculous. God created me to be me not anyone else. I know that’s a bit simplistic, but if I can keep that in mind, maybe the comparison game won’t seem as fun anymore.

Anyway. Confession time is over, and I feel better now! Now, for some stats!

Starting weight: 167 pounds
Current weight: 160.6 (so close to being out of this number range!!)
Goal weight: 125 pounds

Hope everyone has a great week!