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Changes all around

Hello friends!

I’m popping in with a quick note today about a couple of changes that are happening on here and in my real life.

As of June 28, the name of this website will change back to Update whatever you need to accordingly. 😉 I will also be deleting my Facebook blog page at that point.

When I bought a “business plan” for the blog, I intended to start writing more, doing things on social media, and making money from this little Internet space. I justified my annual cost by saying that I would make it back, plus more, as I grew my following, posted consistently, etc. Two years later, this has not happened, and honestly, it’s not a financial expense that we can continue to justify. I’ve got access to approximately 17,000 “grow your blog” courses and eBooks, so until I go through those, I’m scaling back to a free plan here.

I’m dropping the Facebook page because I hardly do anything on it beyond automatically publishing blog posts, and that’s just something else to keep up with! I’ll make the posts publish to my personal Facebook feed since most of my Facebook readers are people I know in real life anyway!

Besides the financial aspect, there is another reason that I’m scaling back here – I got a new job!! Starting on July 24, I will be a librarian at a local elementary school! It’s a huge change for me since I’ve only been in public and academic libraries, and I’m pretty nervous! I will also have to go back to school to take a few classes so I can get a job-embedded teaching license and state certification. It’s exciting and overwhelming! With those changes, I might be even less active around here for a while, so it didn’t make sense for me to try to keep growing here (I mean, not that I’ve tried a lot lately, but A for effort, right?).

I hope that in the future, I’ll be able to get back on track here, but until then, I’ll let the $1.74 in ad revenue that I’ve made keep sitting in the WordPress account. Never hurts to have some money for a rainy day!


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  1. Congrats on the exciting changes to your life. I adored being an elementary school librarian. And have a Teachers Pay Teachers store with lots of cheap, cheap lessons!! Hint hint!

    If you ever have a question, need any help, holler. I miss my librarian days so much.

    I get it about the blogging. I added Google Ad Sense but hate the way it looks and didn’t ever really get into this to make money. But wouldn’t mind a little kick back now and then. With PC’s job going away, I need to find something part-time. Will sub once school starts. Trying times!