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Charlotte’s Chatter : Volume 3

Since Char will turn 4 in April, it seemed like a good time for the next volume of Charlotte’s Chatter!

Charlotte : I’m so mad you’re making macaroni. 
Me : You told me to make you some! 
Charlotte : Oh yeah…

Charlotte : Who made this pillow?
Me : Aunt Tricia. That’s Mimi’s sister. She’s married to Uncle Nick, just like Mimi and Papa are married, Gran Gran and Pop Pop are married, and Daddy and I are married.
Charlotte : I’m married too!
Me : Oh you are? To who?
Charlotte : Chick a lay!!

Charlotte : You smell like…cheese!
Me : Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Charlotte : It’s a good thing!

Sometimes a piece of ice gets stuck in our ice maker, and it makes a popping noise. One morning it happened when we were sitting on the couch. 
Charlotte : Is the fridge burping?

Will brought an ice cream truck Lego set for us to work on. While Char and I were laying down, she had some things to say about it.
Charlotte : I’ve been needing this set my whole life!
Me : Have you?
Charlotte : It makes my heart so happy! It makes me want to love you!
Me : I hope you loved me anyway…
Charlotte : I did!

My mom told me about this one. Char was at their house on a Wednesday. My parents had planned for her to have a sleepover on the following Friday. She said that this conversation happened in their kitchen between my dad and Char :
Charlotte : Today is our adventure day!
Dad : No, it’s on Friday. Today is Wednesday.
Charlotte : No, it’s today
Dad : No, it’s Friday.
Charlotte : Stop arguing with me, Pop Pop!

Me (during a thunderstorm) : Is that your tummy?
Charlotte : I guess so!

She has a couple of stuffed Pokemon characters, so one night I asked her what her Pokemon name would be…
Charlotte : I guess…Captain America!

Me : Who made this big mess? 
Charlotte : I did. That’s what Charlis do! 

One day, she and I went to a McDonald’s playground, and she slipped, fell, and bumped her head. I was holding her in my lap, trying to calm her down, and she had a solution of what would help her feel better.
Me : Are you okay, baby?
Charlotte : I think a cake pop would make my head feel better!

Random quotes :

  • What does “driving me nuts” start with?
  • I’m thinking about life, Dad. 
  • I’m the Charli of the world! 
  • I’m putting the A back in the A hole! (while cleaning up her magnetic letters set)
  • I need to eat pizza every day!
  • I really don’t like time outs!!
  • Whoa, who left this big mess in my playroom?

Last time, I mentioned that Charlotte was asking “what happened” questions a lot. We have now moved into the “why” phase, as well as just general questions. Here are a few of my favorites :

  • Does Uncle Mike have hair?
  • Does Uncle Mike get haircuts?
  • Am I pee peeing on the floor?
  • Why is Daddy home?
  • Why is Daddy bald?
  • Why was I scared to wash my hair?
  • Why did you bring me a snack? (After she had asked me to bring her a snack!)

She is so sassy sometimes, and she makes us laugh on a daily basis!

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  1. These are such fun posts. I love that spunky almost-4-year-old. She is so clever and cute. I bet you and Will are in stitches everyday.

    My friend Dani shared a cute interview she conducted with her 3 year old. I will tag you on FB. I am going to interview my 4 year old grand with the same questions. It would be fun to see how Char responds to Dani’s questions, too!