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Charlotte’s Nine Month Update

Charlotte’s Nine Month Update


at birth: 20 inches.
at one month: 21 inches
at three months: 23.5 inches
at four months: 24.5 inches
at six months: 26 inches
at nine months: 27 inches

at birth: 6 lb 5 oz
at one month: 7 lb 11 oz
at three months: 10 lb 4 oz
at six months: 14 lb 10 oz
at nine months: 17 lb 3 oz

Clothing Size:  Almost exclusively 6 months and up, mostly because anything smaller is too short on her now! I hope she gets her dad’s long legs!

-Christmas!!! She was fighting some sickness, so it was a little bit of a rough Christmas, but she received so many fun gifts, including toys and adorable clothes! In fact, she got so many things, that we’re saving some of them for her birthday!

-New Year’s Eve! She partied until about 9 o’clock that night. Hey, it was midnight somewhere, right?

-Rolling in all directions like crazy!

-Clapping and snapping! She snaps with her pointer finger and thumb, so it’s not very loud, but it’s adorable!

-Said a couple of new words – Dada and Bubba (what we call our pup sometimes), but of course if you ask her to say them, she won’t!

Likes: Watching the weather! She absolutely loves Al Roker and one of our local weather forecasters. If I say the forecaster’s last name, she’ll whip her head around. In the spirit of her being a 95 year old woman, she also enjoys The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune…just like her mama!

Dislikes: Taking medicine, having her nose wiped

Sleep: We’ve gotten a good sleep routine going again, but we’re now co-sleeping. It’s not my favorite (especially since I wake up sometimes hanging off of the edge of the bed), but we’re making progress with a bedtime routine and sleeping through the night!

Best Moment: Spending more time with her over break! I got a little frazzled, especially when she was sick, but I enjoyed the extra cuddles and relaxation!

Worst Moment: She was sick around Christmas, and it was so pitiful. She even got a nebulizer and some other medicine. If you’ve ever tried to use a nebulizer with a baby, you know how much fun it is. Thankfully, she bounced back to her happy self!

Eating: Anything she can get her paws on! Her doctor said she can have anything but honey, so we give her little bites of what we’re having. She likes almost everything, except scrambled eggs!

Mommy Update: We’re getting there. I think I’m going to leave it at that right now.

Overall: I’ve been pretty hard on myself about a lot of things, but as my mom reminded me the other day, I’m doing this. She’s alive and taken care of and loved and we’re all functioning like semi-normal humans, so maybe, just maybe, I should be a little bit nicer to myself…

Bonus pictures – I don’t know why they’re reversed, but the one on the right is me at 38 weeks, 3 days pregnant (the Wednesday before she was born), and the one on the left is when Char was 38 weeks, 3 days old. She looked bigger in the right picture! 😉img_2181-collage-1

We love you, baby girl!

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  1. Aw, she’s too cute! I’m glad she’s no longer sick. Having sick babies is always the worst. And your mom is totally right! It sounds like you are all doing pretty well, so I hope you remember that.

    How adorable that she turns when you say the forecaster’s last name. I love that! Kids are just too funny sometimes.