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Charlotte’s Seven Month Update

Charlotte’s Seven Month Update

Hi, my name is Amber, and I am a procrastinator. I’m FINALLY writing Charlotte’s seven month update just a few days before she turns eight months old. Oops!


One of these things is not like the other…


at birth: 20 inches.
at one month: 21 inches
at three months: 23.5 inches
at four months: 24.5 inches
at six months: 26 inches

at birth: 6 lb 5 oz
at one month: 7 lb 11 oz
at three months: 10 lb 4 oz
at six months: 14 lb 10 oz

Clothing Size:  3-6 months or 6-9 months. She has a few items from Goodwill that are bigger and fit her, but I think it’s because they’ve been washed so many times.

-She had her first Halloween and wore a costume! Unfortunately, she, uh, didn’t really get into the holiday spirit…


Likes: Singing (I’m going to sing my head off to her before she can tell me to stop!), sitting up in her play seat, watching TV, FaceTime with her relatives (and hanging up on them!)

Dislikes: Being alone, which makes our morning routine…interesting…

Sleep: All. Over. The. Map. Starting around Halloween, she just has thrown any kind of schedule out the window. I’ll talk more about this during her 8 month update (which should be published sometime in 2017…hahaha).

Best Moment: I can’t remember one particular moment. I really have to start writing these sooner!

Worst Moment: Halloween meltdown. It was really bad!!

Eating: She loves just about everything she’s tried! — This is still the case! She likes bananas and avocados too!

Mommy Update: I took out the word body because I determined that (a) it was getting old to talk about the same thing each time, and (b) I’m more important than the status of my weight (#selfimportant). I have good days and bad days. Charlotte is an awesome baby, and I have a great support system, from my husband and extended family, but some days, I break down. I know that I can’t realistically expect to “do it all,” but things have always been fairly easy for me, so I don’t know how to deal with struggling with things. I have to remind myself that this is a season of life that will change, just as other seasons of life have changed. I’ve had to say that a whole lot lately in regards to her sleeping!

Overall: Her personality is coming out, and it’s so fun to watch her grow up! I love seeing all of her first holidays and experiences too. Just wait for the Thanksgiving pictures in the next update! 😉

We love you, baby girl!

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