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Charlotte’s SIX Month Update

Charlotte’s Six Month Update


OUR BABY IS SIX MONTHS OLD NOW. (And actually she’s almost SEVEN months old now since it has taken me so long to write this!)

Ahem. Pardon the shouting, but I’m just as shocked as all of you are by this news. It has gone by slowly and flown by all at the same time!

I’m changing up the structure of these updates a little bit since she doesn’t get weighed or measured every month. I thought that might help save a little bit of scrolling!

at birth: 20 inches.
at one month: 21 inches
at three months: 23.5 inches
at four months: 24.5 inches
at six months: 26 inches

at birth: 6 lb 5 oz
at one month: 7 lb 11 oz
at three months: 10 lb 4 oz
at six months: 14 lb 10 oz

Clothing Size:  3-6 months! My mom put on some 0-3 month pajamas on her that were huge on her a couple of months ago, and now they were cropped pants and a belly shirt. It was hilarious!

-She can kind of sit up and support her weight…sometimes. She can be a lazy baby sometimes, so she’s not in any real hurry to sit or roll over. We’re okay with that because we know once she’s mobile, we’re in trouble!

-She’s eating at least three times a day and has gotten the go ahead to try everything except honey. I love watching her face when she tries new foods…like turkey! Ha!!

-I took her and our dog on a walk without my husband’s help! If any of you have met our spastic dog, you know this is a huge accomplishment!

Likes: Being outside, especially in a swing, eating, football, any kind of screens, belly tickles

Dislikes: Socks and shoes (foot prison!), face kisses from her dog brother LOL

Sleep: Lately she has not been napping as much during the day, so she needs to go to bed earlier. We’ve started putting her to bed around 6:30, otherwise, it’s meltdown city! She will generally sleep until 4, wake up and take a bottle, then sleep a little bit longer. Some nights she gets up before 4 to eat and that kind of throws her schedule off, but she’s fairly consistent.

Best Moment: Uh, since I’m writing this way later than I should have, I can’t remember the best from 5 to 6 months. Oops!

Worst Moment: And I can’t remember the worst moment! That’s a good thing!

Eating: She loves just about everything she’s tried! She’s not a huge fan of peaches, but we think it’s because they’re pretty sour. She also didn’t like the turkey and turkey broth, but to be fair, the bite I had tasted pretty terrible! She’s gotten on a pretty good schedule of a fruit in the morning, a veggie in the afternoon, and cereal in the early evening. She also still takes plenty of bottles!

Mommy Body Update: Lose a little, gain a little, lose a little, gain a little. I’m sure the holiday season will REALLY help with this whole weight loss journey too…

Overall: It seems like she changes daily! I barely recognize her in her old pictures, even though it wasn’t that long ago. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up!

We love you, baby girl!

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