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Charlotte’s Ten Month Update

Charlotte’s Ten Month Update



at birth: 20 inches.
at one month: 21 inches
at three months: 23.5 inches
at four months: 24.5 inches
at six months: 26 inches
at nine months: 27 inches

at birth: 6 lb 5 oz
at one month: 7 lb 11 oz
at three months: 10 lb 4 oz
at six months: 14 lb 10 oz
at nine months: 17 lb 3 oz

Clothing Size: Pretty much exclusively 6 months and up. I accidentally put a 3-6 month onesie on her the other day, and her little arms looked like they were losing their circulation! Needless to say we took that one off pretty quickly and tossed it into the consignment bin!

– Doing so much better with sitting up by herself!

-She can go backwards in her walker like a champ!

-She seems to be talking more and saying more words, like “hiiiii” (she always drags it out like that!)

Likes: Blowing spit bubbles, grabbing things, being tossed into the air

Dislikes: Falling asleep by herself, staying in bed by herself, being put down by herself, sense a pattern here?

Sleep: We’re really getting good with our routine and making sure she’s in bed within a certain time frame. We’re still co-sleeping, and sometimes I’m okay with that (when she’s snuggly and sweet) and sometimes I’m very, very, very ready to do some sleep training (when she’s pulling my hair to wake me up).

Best Moment: Honestly, nothing stands out to me here. She’s such a happy girl, and I’m enjoying seeing her learn new things!

Worst Moment: Nothing stands out to me here either! Phew!

Eating: Everything she can get her hands on – both food and non-food! She loves peanut butter (like her doggie brother!), and there’s only been a handful of things that she hasn’t attacked with enthusiasm.

Mommy Update: I’m working on not being so hard on myself, and some days I am succeeding. I’m working more on routines, plus I’ve asked for help in some weak areas in my life, so I hope that helps me climb out of this pit of meh.

Overall: It’s crazy to think that we’re quickly approaching her first birthday! I look at updates from last year, and I was so nervous about becoming a mom, so curious about what she would be like, and so anxious about how our life was about to change. Now it feels like she’s always been a part of our family!

We love you, baby girl!

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