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Charlotte’s Three Month Update

Charlotte’s Three Month Update

at birth: 20 inches
at one month: 21 inches
at two months: Unsure
at three months: 23.5 inches

birth weight: 6 lb 5 oz
at one month: 7 lb 11 oz
at two months: Unsure
at three months: 10 lb 4 oz

Clothing Size:  Mostly 0-3 months, but there are some newborn things that fit her still, and her Mimi bought her a 6 month outfit that fits! Clothing sizes are so inconsistent!

-She has found her hands and is learning how to use them! She can grab things, and she almost got her pacifier in her mouth the other night!

-She has started curling her bottom lip and making a pouty/sad face. It’s so adorable!

-My husband and I took her to a restaurant! She did great! She has been to restaurants before, but it was the first time that he and I took her. Baby steps…

-She waved to one of my mom’s co-workers! I wasn’t there when it happened, but my mom told me that everyone was amazed!

-She has started cooing and “talking” a lot more too. We have a lot of good conversations, especially when I’m changing her diapers.

-She has attended a couple of church services and was dedicated earlier this month. She did great and looked so sweet!

Likes: eating (this one probably won’t change for a while…she is her mother’s daughter!), having people talk to her

Dislikes: napping (sometimes) – she has to know everything that’s going on and will usually fight sleep.  

Sleep: She’s sleeping a lot longer at night, generally 8/8:30 – 4, and then she’ll go back down for a bit in the mornings. You would think I would be more productive and/or on time to work with that good stretch, but that’s not the case!

Best Moment: There have been so many! She’s really starting to develop a little personality and is so responsive to things!

Worst Moment: Last week she got her two month shots (we were a little behind because of some insurance drama…more on that soon…), so she was uncomfortable that evening and just melted down when she was ready to go to bed. My husband was also sick with some kind of stomach bug, so he had to stay away from her. Plus, it was a Monday, so it was just a perfect storm. I was so frazzled and frustrated, which only made things worse. We made it though!

Eating: Around every 3-4 hours. Some days she’s ravenous and will take 4 (or 5!!) ounces at a time, and some days she’ll barely finish 2. It’s such a guessing game! –Still the case this month!

Mommy Body Update: I keep losing a little, then gaining a little. I had a blood pressure follow up at the doctor a couple of weeks ago, and he said that it was okay, but not as good as he wanted it. Time to get really serious about this and do some meal planning and look at some strength training routines, along with continuing to walk (and play Pokemon Go…sigh…).

Overall: She is starting to be more fun! I know that sounds horrible, but let’s be honest, newborns are made just to look at and coo over. We’ve survived “the fourth trimester” and it feels like we’re going to make it! She’s an awesome baby, and everyone who meets her comments on her laid back personality. That’s one of the ten million reasons that we’re going to be a one and done family. After all, why mess with perfection? 😉

We love you, baby girl!

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