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Commercial Break

Tonight’s posting was supposed to be a book review, but there’s been some kind of mix up with the publishing company, the postal service, Frosty the Snowman, or some other factor, so I haven’t received it! Oops! Instead of depriving all of you of new content, I thought I would take a commercial break and make a couple of announcements.

Announcement the first: I’m now a contributor to the Nashville Moms Blog! Shout out to my college friend Amy for posting that they were looking for contributors. There will likely be some weeks that I link to that content on here since I’ll be publishing original material there.

Announcement the second: I’m still looking for guest posters during my blogging maternity leave. Don’t be shy! Contact me if you’re interested in submitting a post!

That’s all folks. This post was short and sweet, just like me!


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    • Yay!! Honestly, since the blog is a little all over the place, I don’t have any definitive content in mind. So, if you want to repost something from your blog and direct people there you can, or if you have anything in mind that you’ve been wanting to write about but not necessarily put on your blog, that works too!


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