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Currently : April 2017


Accomplishing: Prep for Charlotte’s birthday party! It’s going to be a small party with immediate family, but things still have to be done!

Feeling: Kind of blah and meh. Nothing is wrong necessarily, but I just feel like I’m kind of just bumping along. Does that make sense?

Needing: To take clothes out of the washer. I feel like if I don’t do a complete load of laundry every day, then all of the sudden, there’s a mountain of dirty clothes!

Practicing: Uh, not sure about this one! Practicing being a couch potato? 😉

Pinning: Hairstyle ideas. I like my cut, but I feel like I’m in a hair rut. I guess that goes with the blah feeling I talked about earlier. Anyone have any go-to hair tutorials or sites or anything like that?

Linking up with Anne In Residence and Jess Gets Dressed Sometimes

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  1. I love planning kiddo birthday parties! And I feel you on the laundry and the hair rut… I keep pinning things to try, but I’m so terrible at styling my hair that I never actually attempt any of them. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I feel like I am stuck in a hair rut for the rest of my life. As I’ve aged, my hair has gotten thinner, so I don’t want to do too much with it. Fear!!! I am letting it grow out since I had it shaved over the last 2 years. Now, it’s like Blah… So I feel yah! I think I have practiced being a couch potato for too long. That’s why I’m dancing to kick start my exercise routine.

  3. I think I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel kind of blah – I was in a funk I’d describe the same way a few weeks and thankfully it’s gotten better. I can’t figure out what helped, maybe now that spring is pretty much here save for some bad days? The increased sunshine and blooming trees and flowers certainly can’t be hurting!!