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Currently : April 2020

Another month, another list of prompts from Anne In Residence!

Sharing : Websites that I’ve stumbled across lately and memes related to the virus and Love is Blind, such as the delightful one below…

Writing : My morning pages! (more explanation about this in the post I linked to above). I just started this morning, but I did it, so it totally counts as a response to this prompt, right?

Wishing : That the national government would just go ahead and shut down nearly everything for a couple of weeks. Yeah, it helps to have some people stay home, but if there are still groups of people gathering (such as a friend’s neighbors who had a party last weekend!), then this process is just going to go on longer. I’m pretty content being at home (for the most part), but I’m ready to return to some sense of normalcy…and our family’s Saturday Target trips!!

Investigating : Preschooler learning and fun activities! Char is so smart and loves learning new things, so I want to find more activities that will help her grow while we have time at home. Plus, I want to find fun activities to have on standby for those days when she is over playing with her toys and iPad time isn’t appealing to her! I’ve got a few resources, but I’ll take any suggestions that people have!

Buying : Groceries and a few things off of Amazon. Our bank account looks better than usual! πŸ˜‰

How is everyone doing? It’s such a weird time right now, isn’t it?!?

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  1. Yep, totally helps to have some things in your back pocket for when the kids just aren’t having the current activities. For me that includes a few goodies off of Amazon (even if I am trying to limit my online ordering right now) like a new Lego (or Duplo for your age group) set, some picture books with super detailed pages (like an atlas), and some new coloring supplies. Thinking of some things to bake together is a good back up too – I’m thinking we’ll cut out/decorate Easter cookies this year!

    And I’m with you, it would be nice if we had better federal leadership on this whole shut down. I’ve got a good governor who was really on top of things, and that’s going to save lives. It’s really sad that other states are not going to fare so well because we don’t have united leadership on this. Beyond saving lives, I miss Target too!!

    Hang in there, and enjoy your extra family time as much as you can πŸ™‚