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Currently : December 2017

Oh man, I can’t believe I missed this one on Wednesday! I think that just sums up how the last few weeks have been!


Lighting : The Christmas tree and the lights on the mantel…well, sometimes. We’re Christmas slackers around here…

Spending : More time with my family! That’s about all I want to spend these days because of our financial goals!

Choosing : Gifts for friends and family members. I’m so behind on my Christmas shopping this year, and I am struggling more than usual to buy for certain people. Argh!!

Sending : Gifts through campus mail at work! 😉

Singing : Christmas songs…allllll of the Christmas songs!

Belatedly linking up with Anne and Catherine

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  1. I need to post my belated Currently tonight. Wrote it while out of town but need to put a few finishing touches on the post before publishing. We don’t have the first Christmas decoration out so don’t have much to light around here!! And haven’t ‘sent’ the first package in the mail either. You thought you were slackers!!!