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Currently : December 2018


Gifting : Toys!! We aren’t getting Charlotte a lot this year since she’s still young, but we have gotten her a couple of things that I’m really excited about!

Baking : Nothing at the moment, but we bought cake mix and chocolate to attempt making cake pops in the cake pop maker my mom got rid of. Charlotte always wants one from Starbucks, and I figure with the way she eats (she’ll eat 10 pounds of food one day and a bean the next day), I should have cake pops on demand at home!

Singing : Jingle Bells…over and over and over again. It’s Charlotte’s favorite Christmas song, so we have listened to it about 100 times since Thanksgiving! I also get a couple of YouTube Kids video songs stuck in my head and find myself singing them throughout the day. Ah, mom life!

Mailing : Interlibrary Loan books at work. Such a boring answer, but we don’t send Christmas cards (#lazy), and all of the people we give gifts to are local, so we don’t mail anything extra this time of year.

Decorating : Our house for Christmas! Will put lights up outside, and it’s the first time we’ve ever had lights on our house! There aren’t very many, but I think they look pretty, and they make me smile every time I come home and see them!

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