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Currently : February 2017

Well hello again. I had a lot of plans of things to write in January, but, well, life. Let’s see if I can do better in February!


Packing : My lunch everyday! I’ve started eating cleaner recently, so frozen lunches don’t cut it anymore.

Jonesing : For a clean house. My housekeeping skills were meh before Char was born, but now our house seems to stay at Defcon 5! Time to get to work!

Texting : On my new Google Pixel phone! It’s been a learning curve after having an iPhone for the last few years, but I’m relearning the Android world!

Reading : Nothing…does that make me lose my librarian cred?

Hearting : My husband! I know it’s sappy, but he’s such a great man and so sweet to Charlotte. This is not at all influenced by the fact that he made a fantastic dinner tonight, plus made my breakfast and smoothie for tomorrow. Love you, babe!

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    • I just got a new phone, and it has solitaire on it, so instead of reading, I’ve been binge playing (is that a thing?) solitaire. Shameful, right?

      Eating better is a struggle some days, especially on frustrating days like today!


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