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Currently : February 2019

It’s the first Wednesday* of the month, so it’s time to see what I’m currently up to!


Anticipating : Date night next week! Char is staying with my parents, so I’m also excited about sleeping soundly! Ha!!

Going : To Target every week! It’s our Saturday routine to go to Target and walk around. I claim it’s because Char loves it so much, but we know that I have a little bit of influence in that also! 😉

Making : Nothing, although I did see a craft project on Leslie’s blog that looks really cute and simple enough for me to do! I also really want to make some banana bread and new earrings. I’m having a crafty moment, I guess!

Watching : Adam Ruins Everything! It’s a show where a guy named Adam (durrr) looks at things people believe or have always just assumed are true. I like that it’s funny, and he cites his sources (librarian nerd alert). My description doesn’t do it justice, so check it out on Hulu!

Wearing : Spring clothes today, winter clothes tomorrow. Nashville’s weather cannot make up its mind! The high today was 75 degrees, and it’s supposed to drop to 28 degrees overnight. Plus, we’ve had so much rain that some places are flooding! I guess I should add rain boots to my spring/winter ensembles!

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*Or Thursday…whatever…

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I enjoyed making those little yarn balls. It was a cheap craft and gave me something to do other than sit on my laptop at night. Funny that Char loves Target. My two year old granddaughter does, too! Almost as much as her mom and grandmother. What is it about Target that draws all of us girls to it?