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Currently : January 2017

As part of my resolutions and crap, I want to post here more often. I didn’t include this in my resolution post because it was already ridiculously long!

In the past, I’ve loosely adhered to a Monday posting schedule. There were a couple of problems with that. First, I sometimes had to force content just to have something up on a Monday. Second, I felt like if I had something to say and I wasn’t able to post it on a particular Monday, then I might as well just not post it at all. I know that’s silly, but I had these odd, self-imposed rules about the blog, which caused me to have long stretches where there was nothing on here at all, and I’m ready to change that!

This year, you will notice that I’m joining more linkups. Not only will this help me think of more frequent and better content, but it will also let my multitudes of readers (ha) find some new blogs to read. You’re welcome.

The first linkup I’m participating in is the Currently linkup hosted by Anne who writes at In Residence, and I promise this is the longest intro to a linkup that I’ll have!


Gathering: Information for my two Nashville Moms Blog posts I’m writing. I want to be ahead of schedule for the first time ever! 

Making: Lists! So. Many. Lists. Goals, to dos, debt payoffs, writing opportunities, things to cook, lists of lists to make…I wish I was kidding on that one!

Sipping: Water! I’ve set a goal this month to drink 64 oz. a day. For some people, that’s no problem, but it’s been surprisingly challenging for me! But, I’ve done it all year so far (bahahaha), so I’ve gotten to check off the little box of success in my fitness planner every day!

Following: Fewer people/blogs than I used to. I’ve been cleaning out lately, and it has been so nice to get rid of the excess information that I used to consume. I know that sounds dorky, but it’s so true!

Resolving: To actually set goals for myself this year and achieve (#Achieve2017) them this year!

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  1. I recently unfollowed a bunch on Instagram, and it really does feel freeing to declutter in the blog/social media area, doesn’t it? Glad you have joined us for the linkup though!


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