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Currently : January 2019

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s time to see what I’m currently up to!


Choosing : Books for the Book Challenge by Erin. It officially started yesterday, but I’ve been so behind on everything that I haven’t finished choosing my books for it.

Tidying : Everything! You did see the picture of my room yesterday, didn’t you? Our house is a mess right now!

Resolving : To have healthier habits and better routines. I got really off-track during the end of November and December, so now that the rest of the planet is trying to improve themselves, this seems like the perfect time for me to do it as well!

Exploring : Our finances so we can take control of our money and accomplish some goals that we have been talking about.

Refreshing : My wardrobe. Since I’ve finally been tackling the mountain of laundry to put away, I’ve realized that I have a lot of clothes that I really don’t like. Time to freshen up the old closet!

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  1. Post-Christmas sales have me refreshing my closet a bit too 🙂 And choosing books is my favorite kind of choosing!

  2. If I can stay home long enough, I hope to get my bedroom, closet and dresser drawers purged this month. I have a lot of clothes I love but don’t wear. Time for me to be brutally honest about what stays and what goes. Happy new year!