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Currently : July 2017


Documenting : House changes! I’ve got a “before and after” post scheduled for early August, and I can’t wait to share the progress.

Accomplishing : House changes…yep, same answer twice in a row. #creative #original 

Enjoying : Getting things arranged in the new house so we’ll have a fresh start once we move in.

Reading : I’ve been trying to start one of my reading challenge books for a couple of days now. Maybe tonight will be the night for some reading!

Spending : Lots of money! Flooring, appliances, paint, miscellaneous things that keep popping up. At least we have the money to spend on these things!

Want to participate in next month’s linkup? Join Anne and Shea on August 2 and talk about what you’re currently snacking (on), anticipating, borrowing, admiring, and purchasing.

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  1. I love a fun before and after post! House projects always look and sound so intimidating to me…we haven’t had to do any in our current house but as my husband keeps bringing up moving I just get more and more anxious about the thought of taking on some of those things. I hope you’ve had a calm, enjoyable experience with it! 🙂

  2. Hey, stopping by after you were kind enough to visit my Currently post and Sentence a Day. Come play with us. I already LOVE you because you are a librarian. And because you came by, read my post and left a comment. The trifecta in the blogging world. Please join us, Amber, for Sentence a Day. And we do a bucket list series that is fun, too. Our bucket list post for summer went ‘live’ on 6/21. We will do a progress report on 7/21 and 8/21 and then will reveal our fall bucket list on 9/21. We are up to about 15 gals participating in that series when everyone plays. If you have a summer bucket list, link up for the progress report post. Or, if not, quick create a bucket list and then link up for the progress report posts.. Email me if you are interested in any of these ideas!!

    Can’t wait to see your before and after pics of the house. From the sold sign I saw in a photo earlier in the month, I am thinking you are moving from one house to the next but doing some fixing-upping (probably not a word) at the new house. Will add you to my Bloglovin’ feed so I can keep up with your world.

  3. House before & afters are so fun! And I’ve been feeling the money stress on planning a kitchen renovation, but you make a good point – I should focus on being grateful I have some money to spend on one! Thanks for linking up 🙂