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Currently : June 2018


Traveling : Um, I went to Starbucks this morning. That’s about as exotic as this summer is going to get for me!

Grilling : Nothing because we need a grill! This comes up every summer, and we never buy one. It’s time for us to change this situation!

Exploring : New podcasts! I have found a couple of new ones lately, and I’m really enjoying listening to something different on my commute.

Planting : Nothing! Wow, I’m really boring this month!

Playing : Outside more often – at least in the mornings before it gets super humid.

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  1. I love podcasts! I’m subscribed to so many I probably delete more than I have the time to listen to but I think that’s okay since I am learning a variety of things 🙂

  2. Yes, grills are so great to have – especially because it means fewer dishes to wash after dinner 😉 And I’m all about podcasts lately too. Love finding new favorites!