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Currently : March 2017


Watching: ABC on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Our poor antenna only really picks up ABC and CBS, so I’ve really gotten to know those channels’ weeknight lineups. I really like the ABC comedies though!

Eating: A random assortment of stuff; we need to grocery shop! After reading Anne’s answer, I feel like I need to make some frittatas!

Saying: I can’t believe that Charlotte will be one in ___ weeks or ___ days (41 days from today! ACK!!)

Wearing: Spring clothes because this weather has been ridiculous lately! We had tornadoes this morning!!

Posting: On a more regular schedule…or at least that’s what my writer planner says I should do…

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  1. Ooh, tornadoes? Yikes! I am from the East Coast, so I can’t handle anything besides hurricanes. “Wind and rain” makes sense to me in a way “wind and more wind” just doesn’t.

    • It got a little scary this morning because we had two tornado warnings plus a severe thunderstorm warning! I can’t imagine going through a hurricane because I always picture those huge ocean waves that flood everything in their path. Isn’t it crazy what weather can do?!?

  2. Yes, frittatas are the best – especially when you have just a random assortment of stuff left in your fridge 🙂 And yay for spring clothes, though not so much the tornadoes that come with this weather craziness. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Yikes to the tornadoes! Glad everyone is safe! I was in Charlotte this past weekend and it snowed! Charlotte, NC had snow! We are freezing down here in the Lowcountry right now.