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Currently : November 2017

Realizing : That life is too short not to go after big goals and big dreams.

Stirring : Hot chocolate mix and milk. Yum!

Appreciating : This stage of motherhood. Charlotte is developing such a fun little personality, and I love watching her grow and learn new things!

Investigating : Ways to make a little extra money and save money. We’re ready to get serious about paying off the stupid debt we’ve been dragging around and start working on those big goals and big dreams we have!

Following : Shea and Alexandra’s Live Your Best (Holiday) Life Challenge. It looks like a great way to enjoy the holidays without spending a ton of money or time!

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  1. A lot of love for your motivation (and drink choice!). My husband and I have decided that after the christmas rush and good commission at work we are gonna take a leap and set ourselves on the path to something we love.

  2. I’m with you, Amber–each stage of motherhood has been such a fun time to see my little one’s skills developing!!