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Currently : October 2017

Styling : Myself! Or attempting to anyway! I’m in a Facebook group called Frumpy Fighters that focuses on helping moms dress more stylishly. It’s ran by a woman named Corina who writes a blog called Now THAT I Can Do, Mama! I don’t remember how I ran across her blog, but I have really enjoyed the outfit inspiration and ideas! Maybe if I ever finish unpacking, I’ll be able to actually implement ideas from her outfit guides!

Saving : Sanity by planning and writing blog posts a little bit ahead of time. Novel concept, right?

Searching : For part-time freelance writing jobs! If anyone reading has any leads, let me know! 🙂

Picking : Up things off the floor. Charlotte has started opening the bathroom cabinets in our bathroom and pulling everything out of it. It keeps her entertained while I get dressed though, and there’s not anything that can hurt her in there, so I’m okay with picking things up!

Making : Pumpkin spice lattes! One of my Fall Bucket List goals was to figure out a good recipe for one. So far, I haven’t found one that I love, but I’m glad to keep trying!

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  1. I don’t like coffee – I know, I know, I’m a crazy one – but I hope you find a good PSL recipe to make at home!

    I really need to save money where I can – freelance work would be great. Best of luck in your search!


    • I’m starting to think that I like all of the sugary fillers rather than the actual coffee! So bad for me!

      I’ve been looking at jobs on Rat Race Rebellion lately. They have a lot of freelance/work from home jobs, but not all of them are writing related. We need to pay some things off, and eventually I would like to write full-time! Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Frumpy Fighters is such a great name – and fun idea to do some mom style 🙂 And I totally get the bathroom cabinet thing – sometimes it’s totally worth a minor mess to have things quiet, right?!

    • I loved the name of it because I know it’s so easy to fall into a frump trap! I’ve made sure that all of the unlocked cabinets in our house have toddler safe items in them because I’ll take an entertained, quiet kid over a mad one any day!

  3. Super fun sounding Facebook group. I’m not a PSL girl, I just don’t like pumpkin, but love learning to make drinks at home. Hope you find a good recipe.

    • Thanks! I’m getting a lot of good ideas from the group. I’m starting to hear from a lot of people who don’t like pumpkin. That means fewer people I have to share with! 😉 What’s your favorite drink recipe?