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Day 4

Day 4: Your parents

What to say about my parents…Well, my mom and I are the same person. We look so much alike (and act so much alike) that sometimes her story time children will see me out in public and think that she has dyed her hair darker! My dad is quieter, and my brother is more like him. It’s funny because we’re kind of like 2 sets of twins.

I don’t know exactly how my parents met, but I know that they were young. They were 16 and 21 when they got married, and 16 and 21 when I was born (big year, huh?). They are still married, and I see how much they love each other, which inspires me to hold out for a guy who will love me that much and treat me like my dad treats my mom.

My parents were strict about some things, but really cool about others. For example, I have multiple holes in my ears, and I was never discouraged from dyeing my hair weird colors or going through a “goth” phase (it wasn’t a very good one though…ha). My mom knew that if she had nagged me about those things, it would make me want to do them more! They “made” me get a job when I was a teenager, and I worked in college. I hated it at the time (especially the semesters when I had multiple jobs), but now I’m grateful because those skills are what allow me to work full time and pursue a double masters degree at this stage in my life. I still live at home, and there are some (many) days when I think they’re going to drive me insane, but I know that right now I’m where I’m supposed to be, and I’ll someday miss the closeness we have. I love my parents (and brother!) and am blessed to be a part of this family (even when they’re driving me crazy!!).

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