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Fall Home Tour : The After

Or more accurately, the during, since we still have a lot of things we want and need to do!

Last week, I participated in a linkup that was a Fall Home Tour, and I showed the before pictures of our house. Confession – they were almost all from the real estate listing. But, the pictures I’m sharing in this post are all from me! Also, since I’m all about sharing real life here, some of the pictures showcase how our stuff actually looks. No staging for this girl!

Before we jump in, I want to thank my parents, Will’s mom and stepdad, my grandma, my aunt, and my cousin for everything they’ve done to help us get moved in and settled in. We definitely couldn’t have done this without them! We love all of you!!


This picture is from July, but it’s the first one I took after the new floors had been installed and everything was painted. We were initially going to go with white walls, but our painters told us that white would show all of the imperfections in the walls, so we went with a light gray instead. I think it’s neutral enough but gives it a little personality!


I didn’t take a great picture of the exterior, but there are a couple of things I want to point out. First, we had our “lawn guy” (I put this in quotation marks because it sounds so pretentious, but I didn’t know a better way to say it!) take down a lot of the landscaping that was around the house. It made such a difference! My mom painted the chairs and the trunk to give us some color, and my dad installed the gate to keep both of our critters from escaping if they somehow got out of the front door. We need to repaint all of the posts and scrub the front of the house still. Those things are in my house projects notebook. Ha!


Our entryway – I haven’t changed the letterboard since we got it. I may or may not know where the letters are…


Real life picture – look at all of the crap in front of and on this dresser. Sigh. But, this was worth showing because this was my great-grandmother’s, and I love that it has new life here!


My view from the couch. Very important for everyone to see!


Another view of the living room. Koopa is enjoying his morning television shows! We usually have a cover on the couch since we’re trying to keep it from smelling too doggish, but Will washed it yesterday, and we haven’t put it back on yet.


Our bedroom is right off the living room. There are a lot of boxes and bags with clothes and shoes scattered around in here, so I took a very close up shot of the room! I also didn’t make the bed because we barely slept in it last night. Char was up alllll night. I had 4 coffees today, and besides the heartburn from all of them, I feel like they barely made a dent in my tiredness!

Also, we went from having a really tall queen-sized bed to a normal person height king-sized bed. It’s been nice to have extra room and to be able to get into bed without a step stool!


This crooked picture is of a little couch thing (settee? Is that a thing?) in our room. It doesn’t really match anything, so we’ll get it recovered eventually. Also, until Sunday, it was piled high with clothes and junk. Most of that stuff got put away so props to me! You can kind of see our bathroom in this picture. I’m really glad we have a full bathroom in our room! My closet is behind the bedroom door. It’s a whole lot smaller than my old closet so it’s a struggle when I put away laundry!


This is Koopa’s area. Charlotte also likes to play in his water bowl. We’re working on preventing that! His little basket has toys in it, and he knows it. If he ever figures out how to open it, we’re in trouble!


View of the kitchen into the laundry room. Our kitchen is messy because I still haven’t quite figured out where I want everything, so a lot of things stay on the counters while they’re homeless. I also love our tiny fan in there. I didn’t even know that fans could be that small!


This is the only picture I took of our dining area because the table is covered! I have such a problem with cluttering up flat surfaces. Maybe that needs to be a December goal! Note the Mountain Dew also. That’s Will’s drug of choice…ha!


This little hallway is off the dining room/living room. It is narrow and kind of a tight squeeze. My dad and Will’s stepdad had a lot of fun bringing furniture into Char’s room! This bathroom is Charlotte’s and will also be the guest bathroom, so Will wanted to make sure everyone knew what it was. 😉


Random shot of the inside of the bathroom because I really like the mirror and the holder on the ledge. I love the mirror in our bathroom too, but this morning, I left our bathroom so messy when I left for work that I dind’t want to share pictures!


But, I will share this messy space! This is the front bedroom. It was initially going to be Char’s play room, but we decided to make it into a guest room…eventually. I’m glad we did because Charlotte and I have slept in that bed a few times when she’s just needed some extra mama snuggles at night. This is where Will’s clothes and shoes live. We’ll get this room organized at some point!

IMG_20171031_083652And last, but not least, is Charlotte’s room! This is just a peek at it because I was hurrying to finish taking pictures, but I love her room! She has a little bookshelf right inside her door too. It’s just her size!

I didn’t take pictures of the basement, garage, back yard or screen room because we haven’t done anything to them since the before pictures (unless you count using them as storage). The screen room needs some flooring repairs, and we need to seal the roof because there are a couple of spots that leak. Once those things are done, we plan to make it a combination play room for Char and sitting area for us. We’ve got a papasan chair that I think will be really great out there! We also haven’t done anything to our deck. I don’t remember if there were any before pictures of it, but it’s right outside the screen room. It needs some repairs also. Once that’s finished, we’ve got a swing for it and will get a grill to go out there.

I hope you enjoyed our home tour! I’ve never done one of these, but I want to update it when we’ve made more progress on some of our projects so be on the lookout for the next one!

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