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Fashion, Food, Fitness, and Friendship Goals

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Aaaand, I’m back! Last night wasn’t as rough as I had anticipated. Will held her while I exercised and showered, and then she and I went to the guest room and slept in that bed. As soon as we laid down, she snuggled up to me, grabbed my hand, and was snoring within five minutes! I guess she just needed some snuggles last night! As I told someone today (shout out to Bea!), I have to remember that these moments won’t last forever and to enjoy them while I can!

Now, let’s get to what I had planned to post last night! Every Monday in January, the bloggers at The Blended Blog have had prompts related to goals and resolutions. The prompt for this week asked about our fashion, food, fitness, and friendship goals, so here are mine for the year!

Fashion :

This one is a tough one for me because I love clothes, but I don’t love how they look on my body right now. Plus, I haven’t been shopping nearly as much as I used to since we’re working on becoming debt free, so to be honest, I’m really bored with a lot of the clothes I have that do still fit. I’ve mentioned the Frumpy Fighters Facebook group and the wardrobe guides from Now That I Can Do, Mama blog a few times before, but I haven’t been an active participant in the group or weekly challenges. I decided to jump in this week, and even though it’s only Tuesday, I feel like it’s made a difference for me already!

Here’s a super bright selfie of my outfit today :

It may be difficult to see the details, but it’s a striped tank top and the boots are brown. I need to work on outfit selfies, especially since I plan to take more for the blog and participate in a really fun challenge called Style Imitating Art (hat tip to Jen at Librarian for Life and Style for tagging me on Instagram and giving me a heads up about the challenge!).

Since Will redid our closet, I feel like I need to clean out the clothes I’m not wearing. I’ve got a couple of storage boxes of “goal weight clothes,” but it might be time to let those go, especially if I can make some money from selling them! I also need to work on accepting myself where I am right now. No, I’m not happy with my current size and shape, but instead of giving up, I should work on enjoying clothes and getting dressed. That may mean updating my wardrobe with a few pieces, but I will cross the bridge when I come to it!

Food :

I’ve written about my plan to just eat real food, but I haven’t exactly been practicing what I wrote! I have gotten really bad about not eating breakfast and then being super hungry by lunchtime. Then, I don’t have enough food packed, so I’m hangry during the rest of my work day! Argh!! Perhaps my goals here should be (1) eat breakfast and (2) actually pack enough food in my lunchbox to sustain me throughout the day. So simple, right?

Fitness :

I have grand plans to convert our garage into a home gym. However, there are approximately 7,000 other things that need to be done before that can happen. However, that doesn’t stop me from working out there in its current state! I started exercising again last night, and I am definitely feeling it tonight!

I like the workouts in The 4×4 Diet because they are tabatas, so they are short and don’t require much, if any, equipment.

There are also a couple of places online that I like to get workouts from – Bender FItness and Nerd Fitness. My current goal (besides the ones I talked about in my Wellness Wednesday post) is to start exercising three days a week. That seems like a good, attainable start. 

Friendship :

This one is a tough area for me! I feel like I don’t prioritize my friendships, then I fuss to Will about not having enough time with friends. Yep, that’s the kind of torture I inflict upon my poor husband!

My biggest problem is taking the time to just reach out to my friends beyond a comment or a like on social media. That’s an area I need to work on. Maybe I should put reminders in my planner to text people!

Do you have goals in any of these areas? Or, do you have suggestions about how I can reach my goals? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. Great point on the transitional weight and just coming to terms with it. I also have a box of clothes that are ‘just in case’ I lose those 10 lbs. Well, at the rate I’m going, they’re going to be so out of style by that time that I might as well get rid of them. Oy. Thanks for linking up with us!