in blahs

Feeling funk-y

I don’t know if it’s the pouring rain today or what, but I’m in a funk. I just have this feeling like my job doesn’t matter, and a little bit like I don’t matter. I know that second part isn’t true, and I don’t want anyone who’s reading this (ha!) to read anything into it; I think it’s just my general blahs making me have that feeling.

Sometimes I think my job isn’t helping me serve any purpose. Does anyone feel that way? How do you move past that? I really want to make a difference in this world, but I feel like refilling copiers and telling students that I know about and apologize for slow computers doesn’t make anyone’s life any better. Plus, it’s getting old. Way old. Should I just suck it up and hope for better days ahead, or is there something to this?

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