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Fit Friday : Week 2

Time for another check-in!

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You know how last week was a good start for my weight loss plan? Let’s just say this week was…not great.

This week’s change : +1 pound

Overall change : -5.5 pounds

So what happened? Honestly, I just got off to a bad start this week and never got myself back on track. I ate really poorly, didn’t pack lunches, didn’t drink enough water, and didn’t get enough sleep – which caused me to want sugary coffee drinks.


The good:

  • I did go for a walk a couple of times this week. I think that helped me only gain a pound as opposed to what I thought I would gain.

  • My husband will sometimes make coffee drinks for us in the mornings (we call it Willbucks hahaha). One day this week, he made my coffee, and it was delicious and healthier than normal! I was so excited because I had been drinking very blah coffee, and Amber needs her good coffee!!

The not-so-good:

  • Basically everything else. Seriously. I fell hard this week!

Goals for next week:

  • Go to bed at a decent time – being tired makes me want to eat more junk and drink more coffee drinks. Plus, when I’m tired, I don’t have the energy or willpower to make healthy food, track what I eat, or exercise.

  • Repeat my goals from last week – hit water goals, prep lunches, and try a recipe from my clean eating Pinterest board


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