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Fit Friday : Week 3

In this week’s installment, we ask if walking for 20ish minutes a day is enough to counteract three visits to a certain coffee chain that had a certain drink as a Happy Hour item, plus a few other visits to fast food places.

Spoiler alert, the answer is no, no it’s not.

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : +2.8 pounds (how is that even physically possible?!?)

Overall change : -2.8 pounds


The good:

  • I definitely was more active this week than usual. I went on walks daily, and my legs were sore, so I feel like that was a good indication that I wasn’t just casually strolling.

The not-so-good:

  • Everything else, yet again. I’m still reeling over that number…

I know that my eating habits are not great, but I guess this week and last week have shown me just how poorly I eat when I don’t track my food, meal plan, or, uh, grocery shop. I also definitely haven’t had enough water.

I’ve had a hard time being motivated to eat healthier and take care of myself. I don’t know if it is tiredness or what, but I just have this attitude of “I don’t care” lately. I need to sit down and figure out what my goals are and why I want to lose weight. I need to make my “whys” stronger than the desire to eat whatever sounds good at the moment and daily coffee shop visits.

Goals for next week:

  • Start from scratch. Figure out what I’m trying to accomplish, set goals – little and big, and make a plan for my meals, exercise, and health for this upcoming week.

Anyone want to share what keeps them motivated to stick with eating healthy?

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