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Five Favorites : February 2016

Happy Leap Day! Although little girl needs to cook a while longer, it would’ve been so cool for her to have a Leap Day birthday!

I didn’t publish anything last week, but I noticed that my post from two weeks ago didn’t link to Facebook, so if you’re interested in reading a semi-sappy love post dedicated to my husband, check it out!

Now, on to this month’s favorites (which seem to be all pregnancy related…oops)!

  1. Minnetonka moccasinsKILTY HARDSOLE (WOMEN) | 406 | Red | 5

    I’m reaching the point in this pregnancy where it takes a good five minutes to put on a pair of boots. I’ve always loved moccasins, but now I love them even more because I just have to step into them, no bending over or extra movements necessary! I’ve got a few colors already, but now I have my eye on red ones and navy ones (size 7 in case anyone is curious…)

  2. Zantac

    If the legend about heartburn and the amount of hair a baby is born with is true, then this baby is going to look more like our dog than a human! Thank goodness for Zantac!

  3. Nashville Moms BlogNashville Moms Blog
    In case you’ve missed any of my other shameless plugs, I’m one of the newest contributors to the Nashville Moms Blog! I’ve only published one article there so far, plus I was introduced with the rest of the new contributors, so check it out!
  4. Epsom Salt
    After I finish a tough workout, like putting on boots or walking upstairs, I’m generally sore and tired. Some nights, I like to take an Epsom Salt bath, and the Dr. Teal’s Soothing and Sleep kind is my favorite because it smells so good! Of course, the next workout I have is trying to maneuver myself out of our tub…
  5. Valspar Cathedral Stone paint
    We love this color! Considering the nursery was purple and green before (two walls of each…yep…), almost anything would’ve been an improvement! This color went on really smoothly and didn’t even require a primer. It’s a nice medium gray, so it’s a good neutral background color for our planned Star Wars theme. I’ll be posting a nursery tour in March just in case anyone is curious about what a girly Star Wars nursery looks like!

Is anyone else in shock that it’s almost March already?!?

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