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Five Favorites : January 2016


Snowmageddon 2016 edition!

Last week, we got snow and ice on two different days. On Friday, our total accumulation was 7 inches! If you’re reading this from the Northeast, feel free to give me a virtual pat on the head and say whatever your equivalent of “bless your heart” is. For all of my fellow Southerners, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that we made it through (relatively) unscathed!

I absolutely love being at home, and since our local police department deemed our roads treacherous, they asked everyone to stay home and limit non-essential travel. Can do! During our snowcation, here were some of my favorite items:

  1. Electric blanket 

A couple of years ago, my parents got us an electric blanket for Christmas. I’m a hot-natured person, but my husband tends to run a little colder than I do at night so he was more excited about it than I was! This blanket is Biddeford brand, and it’s fantastic because there are dual controls! He can crank his side up, and I never feel a bit warmer! Plus, it has an auto shut off feature, so if you’re freezing when you get into bed, it’ll warm you up but not make you wake up feeling like you’re on fire.

2. Torani syrup

Something about all of the snow made me want hot chocolate (and muffins and cookies and brownies and well, everything in our kitchen…). We started adding Torani S’Mores syrup to dark chocolate hot chocolate, and it was delicious! They have a Salted Caramel flavor also, which I think we need to purchase very soon!

3. Pillow with arms 

I’ve always heard these referred to as “boyfriend pillows.” Has anyone else ever heard that, or am I just crazy (don’t answer that mom or husband!). In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten into a habit of taking naps on our couch. My nap game was particularly strong over the weekend. This pillow is nicer than a regular pillow because it keeps me propped up a little bit, which helps with the heartburn from all of the hot chocolate I’ve been drinking. Even when I’m not napping, it makes sitting on the couch even more comfortable, and who wouldn’t enjoy that?

4. Panini maker 

We got this for Christmas from my parents, and this was right up my alley! Since we were good Southerners and bought bread before the snowstorm, we had plenty for me to make sandwiches. Bacon, avocado, and cheese is my favorite, and I highly recommend it. 😉 This is Hamilton Beach brand, and it’s extremely simple to use, so I have a feeling like I’ll be making myself a lot of paninis during those 2 AM feedings in a few months!

5. Tervis tumbler 

My husband picked out a Tervis tumbler for himself for Christmas, and then I received one from my in-laws, so we’re now a two Tervis family! I had heard of them before and seen them in a lot of stores (including a Tervis store in Pigeon Forge), but I never understood why they were so popular until I started using mine. I really like that I can leave water in it overnight and it doesn’t have a plastic taste the next morning. It also keeps my cold drinks cold. I haven’t ventured into hot drinks in it yet, but I bet it keeps them warm too! Plus, there are about 15 million designs, so you can get one with just about anything you want on it. Bonus- it looks like they’re made in the USA also, so three cheers for the home team!

What are your snow day favorites? We discovered that we need new snow/rain/ice boots, so that may make a future list! 🙂


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