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Five Favorites: November 2015

Well hey there feature that I started back in July and then didn’t touch again for four months…

I started to write this in August, but somehow that turned into November! Can we act like this is the start of a new feature instead of me procrastinating on writing??

Without further adieu, here are my five favorites that took me four months to figure out…

1. Chapstick

‘Tis the season…for chapped lips. I haven’t tried the kinds in the picture (holiday flavors!), but I may be placing an Amazon order for them soon…

2. Hydro flask

I got this for my birthday (uh, back in July. Guess what was going to be on my August favorites list?), and I love it! It’s 40 ounces, so on the rare occasions that I have made it through two bottles, I’ve surpassed the minimum 64 oz daily recommendation. You can order a lid with a straw and a carrier also, which I recommend in both cases. Also, I recommend making sure your lid is closed before you pick it up by the lid. In unrelated news, the passenger seat of my car is really clean now…

3. Nashville Predators: The Making of Smashville

Shameless plug alert! Justin, a friend from college, recently published a book about the Nashville Predators and the history of the franchise. He was also nice enough to come to my work and hold a book talk/signing/giveaway event for free! I just got my copy today, so I haven’t read it, but if you have an interest in the Preds or have even heard of hockey, check out his book!

4. Walmart maternity leggings

Leggings FF Nov 2015

Available here (not an affiliate link)

Do I really have to go into too many details with this one? Leggings are fantastic, and these are inexpensive and have a full panel that you can see in the awkward picture I took from the Walmart website. Dream. Leggings.

5. Netflix appI have been participating in Runner’s World magazine’s #rwrunstreak, which involves running (or walking in my case) at least a mile a day every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. I’m only on Day 5, but so far, so good! We’ve had a lot of rain over the last few days, so I’ve been getting my mileage in on the treadmill, which can get a bit boring. Thank goodness for the Netflix app on my iPad, good headphones, and episodes of Friends. Could I BE any more entertained? No. The answer is no.

Disclosure policy: I am using Amazon affiliate links, so if you click on and purchase some of the products above, I will receive compensation. That compensation will be used for diapers and superhero themed onesies.


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