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Five Things Bringing Me Joy Lately : October 2017

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Amber note : During these posts, I will likely focus on quirky things that change from month to month. My husband, daughter, and doggo ALWAYS bring me joy (even on the tough days), and it would be a pretty boring list if I put them every month. Just wanted to throw that out there so no one thought I was excluding my family!

  1. The book Wonder : Oh man, I saw the previews for the movie last week and they made me cry! I put the book on reserve at work and read it in a day! It was so good!! If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest it! Plus, it’s kid friendly too, so if you have older children (like maybe around 9 or 10 and up), they’ll enjoy it too.
  2. Cooler weather! : Tennessee finally got the memo that it’s fall! Remind me how excited I am about cooler weather when the high for the day is below freezing!
  3. Coffee : I mean, it always brings me joy, but lately, I’ve been feeling a little blah and my sleep has been off, so coffee has been my best friend!
  4. New Kelly Clarkson music! : I just downloaded it and can’t wait to listen! Especially since she’s my real BFF (sorry, coffee).
  5. Fall colors : Since our weather is finally cooperating, the leaves have started changing colors, and everything looks so pretty! This morning, I saw a man standing on a street in a neighborhood taking pictures of some of the trees. Way to seize the moment, random fellow!

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  1. Your joys are bringing me joys too this fine Fall. Wonder is sitting on my read pile and I can’t wait. Did you see Kelly on Ellen the other day? She is the BEST! Happy weekend!