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Glossies Made Me Do It : Cleaning Up


It’s time for the June edition of this linkup. This month, I’m sharing something that I read in the latest edition of HGTV magazine.

HGTV Magazine

I don’t have the copy of the magazine with me, but there’s an article about product expiration dates where items are listed from A to Z. This flipped a switch in my brain. I’m pretty good about remembering to check expiration dates of food (because ew), but I hardly ever think about the expiration dates of non-edible items.


Since I just read this magazine at lunch on Wednesday, I haven’t had time to go through things, but this is going to be a good weekend project for me. I know that I have some beauty products that are probably waaaaaay past their “best by” dates. I also need to go through our medicine to make sure that none of it is too old.

One interesting thing that the article mentioned that hadn’t even crossed my mind was petroleum jelly. It said that if you used your finger to apply it, and there was a chance that you were sick, you need to throw away the whole container. I’m not sure that we have any petroleum jelly, but I know there are some things, like antibiotic ointment, that we have probably applied straight from the container rather than using a cotton swab to apply.

So, please excuse me while I sanitize our entire house and get rid of everything this weekend!

How often do you go through all of your non-food products and get rid of things? Do you have a good method to track when things without expiration dates need to be thrown out? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Thanks for joining again!! I always love to see what magazines people choose. I’ve read a few articles about when to get rid of certain beauty items, and it’s good to know! I don’t think about it too often either.


  2. My goodness, this was eye-opening. You think my Jello cheesecake mix from 2015 is still okay? I am terrible about checking expiration dates!! In my article for this same link-up, I started checking our sunscreen for expiration dates. We have several bottles that need to be used up by tomorrow!! Ha!!

  3. I have a friend who’s a nurse. She says that medicines are not always bad beyond the expiration date, so depending on HOW out of date they are, you might want to hang out to some of that. You could switch to being an oily family…essential oils for the entire family including the little one…then you won’t need all of those meds in the cabinet. I can hook you up!