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Glossies Made Me Do It : June 2017

Hello again! Time for another project inspired by a magazine. Like last month, this month’s inspiration will be slightly boring but one of those necessary evils in the world of being an adult.


This month’s inspiration comes from the June issue of Real Simple magazine. I used to be a huge fan of Real Simple and even had a subscription for a while, but then I started noticing that they were featuring products out of my price range and some of their “life hacks” were anything but simple. I stopped reading it regularly until my library got a digital subscription to it. It seems like they’re kind of returning to their roots, so maybe I”ll read more often again!

The June cover features a teaser that says “Get It Done! Genius shortcuts to check everything off your list.”

Sign. Me. Up.

Some of the genius shortcuts don’t seem very genius, and some don’t apply to me, but there are two things in particular that caught my eye: deal with the giant pile of mail and get all of the laundry done.

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, laundry feels like a never-ending task. Will did three loads today while he was home, and the pile is still huge. The magazine suggests giving yourself cues, like putting an empty basket in your favorite chair that way you’re reminded to put wet laundry in the dryer before sitting down to relax. It also says to make things more pleasant by clearing clutter out of your laundry room. I’m fortunate enough to have a laundry room at our current house and at our new house, so I’ll definitely implement these ideas!

Sorting mail is not as much of a drudgery as laundry can be, but it’s still something I struggle with. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but my mail “organization” system used to involve just throwing everything in a pile and forgetting about it. I do not recommend that system to anyone! The article about mail sorting suggests immediately discarding obvious junk, then putting bills in one location and anything that needs to be processed, such as invitations, in another location. Then, and this is the part that I need to work on, set a time, once a week, once a month, whatever works for you, and actually go through the bills to pay them, respond to invitations, etc. I know this seems so simple to some people, but it was a duh moment for me!

Anyone have any other genius shortcuts for me? I could use all of the help I can get!

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