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Glossies Made Me Do It : March 2017

In another post, I talked about how I want to join more linkups. If you’re not familiar with what a linkup is, it’s basically when a blogger or a group of bloggers all post about the same thing and leave links to each others’ blogs on the host(s) blog(s). Clear as mud for anyone? 😉 I’ve been participating in the monthly “Currently” linkup since January, and now I’ve found another fun and interesting one to join, called “Glossies Made Me Do It.”


A little backstory: I was reading a blog that I found on a Currently linkup, and it had a post called “Glossies Made Me Do It” about an idea from a magazine that she tried. There were a couple of other bloggers who did it, and then they decided to make it a monthly linkup. I think this is a fun one because I’ve always enjoyed reading magazines and saving ideas to try “someday,” but I rarely ever do anything beyond that. Now I’ll be forced inspired to actually try some things!

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get to it!

The library I work at recently added a magazine browsing app called Flipster, and I have really enjoyed it! Earlier this week, I loaded 5 magazines on my iPad! Can you imagine how much space 5 actual magazines would’ve taken up in my purse? (Librarian note – many other libraries have Flipster or similar services so check your library’s website to see if they do!).

I was browsing the March 2017 edition of Glamour magazine when I found my inspiration : an article called “How to Look Less Tired”.

Sign. Me. Up.

A couple of the ideas in the article were ridiculous. Get more sleep? Wow, earth shattering, life-changing info right there. But, one portion suggested faking it with makeup application. I’m pretty makeup challenged, but the suggestions in this article seemed easy enough, even for someone like me.

Here I am in my natural state last Friday morning:


TGIF, y’all…

Also, let’s take a minute to admire my majestic morning hair:



The article outlines a number of steps to go through, including using an undereye cream/primer, a couple of different concealers, and eyeshadow suggestions. I didn’t have all of the necessary makeup/tools, so I followed along the best I could.

Here are my final results, in the glowing natural light of my car in the driveway:


A few answers to the burning questions I know you all have:

  1. Yes, my earrings are cassette tapes
  2. Yes, I do need something else to cover that spot on my forehead
  3. Yes, my hair actually did look better before I tried to “style” it

So, do I look less tired? Maybe. I felt like I had a lot of makeup on, and at one point in the day, my undereye concealer looked like it was melting off my face. Always pleasant.

I’m glad I tried these techniques, but it probably won’t become a regular thing for me. Now on to looking for next month’s idea!

Linking up with Lauren @ Shooting Stars Mag (where I originally saw the idea), Ashley @ Happy. Pretty. Sweet., and Erika @ Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans.

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    • Thank you! This is such a fun link up! Also, I so want to see Hidden Figures! Every time someone writes about it, I want to just leave the kiddo and fur kiddo with my husband and head to the theater!


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