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I’m back from my week off from blogging (after blogging every day during the month of October!). During the last week, I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot. I’m involved with a challenge group on Facebook from another blogger who wants to help people grow and improve their blogging during the month of November. That challenge, along with a goal-setting workshop at my gym last Friday night, have really made me start thinking about goals.

Here’s my confession: I’ve never been a huge goal setter. I’ve always had things I’ve wanted to accomplish, and I’ve accomplished quite a bit, but I’ve never really sat down, made a plan, and went through with all of the steps.

As a result of this lack of goal-setting, I’ve found myself feeling a little…aimless lately. Without goals, I feel like I’ve been sort of drifting through life without much of a purpose (but don’t confuse that with being bored!). And, with the purposelessness, I began feeling unhappy with myself, jealous of others, and just all around sad. It seems like a stretch to say that having goals will change all of that, but I really feel like it will.

How do you all decide what goals you’re going after? Do you have goals for every area of your life, or do you kind of group everything together? I would love to hear feedback. My next step is to sit down and work though some of my goals, and then potentially share them here, along with the goal-setting process. Also, my tentative posting schedule from now through the end of the year is to publish on Mondays. I want to get to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule eventually (goal alert), but I want to make sure I can handle that commitment before diving in!

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