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Going blank

Have you ever had so much in your head that needed to get out that you just didn’t know where to start?

No? Just me?

I’ve started about ten different drafts, but I just can’t get them together. I like to write more here than just linkups, but on nights like tonight, I wish I had an easy linkup to toss up here and publish.

In the interest of being completely transparent and honest, I feel a little lot overwhelmed right now. I’ve never been great at handling stress or things out of my control, so when there are multiple things hitting me at once, I just want to shut down. I have to force myself to interact with people and be a semi-decent human (although with how I’ve been around my family lately, they would probably disagree with that last part…).

I want to keep things positive and fun here, but I’m struggling. I know it’s temporary, and I know it’s just a perfect storm of factors coming together, but it’s not fun at all.

Tomorrow is a new month, and I always get excited on the first day of the month because it’s a fresh chapter, full of possibilities. It’s a blank page, if you will. So thanks for reading what turned out to be my journal entry. Charlotte and her stuffed animals thank you for bearing with me tonight.

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