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Guys Behind the Blog : October 2017

So it seems that this is no longer a linkup. I’m a little bummed, but Jessica, one of the co-hosts, made a decision to step back from blogging to spend more time with her family. You’ve got to respect that! I’ve asked another co-host if I can continue to do this, and when I get the all-clear from her, I’ll start looking for new people to join me! I really enjoy asking Will these questions every month, so I want to keep going!

1. What is your favorite kind of Halloween candy?

Will : The candy corn pumpkins

2. Now that fall is finally in full swing, what do you like best about the season?

Will : Good football weather

3. What is your most memorable Halloween costume?

Will : I was always the same thing every year when I was a kid until it broke and got too small for me. I was always a ninja.

Me : We could find you an adult ninja costume…

His silence said everything…

4. Are there any items on your fall bucket list?

Will : Just to keep plugging away at school.

Me : One of mine was to buy a mum. I see we’re living the dream over here.

5. How’s your college football team doing so far this season?

Will : My school’s team is doing really good, but my personal team [UT Vols] is not doing that great.

Me : You can say that again.

(He actually did. We’ve been watching The Wiggles too much lately…)

I thought of November questions, and if I get permission to continue this, I’ll make sure to post them!

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