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Guys Behind the Blog : July 2017

It’s time to hear from Will again! And, not only am I participating in this linkup, I’m also co-hosting! Woo hoo!
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(Funny story about my picture…evidently Will and I didn’t take any pictures of just us after the wedding, so I had to find one that was easy to crop people out of! Sorry, family!)
1.) What is your least favorite thing about summer?
Will : The swampy hotness
Me : That sounds like the name of a terrible cover band
Will : I know what I’m doing next year
Me : Who are you covering?
Will : Not sure yet
Look for our first single to drop next summer…
2.) What is a must have for summer for you?
Will : Any kind of cold drink

3.) Grilling…only for men? Favorite meal to make on a grill?


Will : No, it’s not. You can never go wrong with a nice grilled steak. Wrap some baked potatoes up in tin foil, cook them on the grill, that’s really good too.

Me : I’m going to need you to go buy a grill, some steak, and potatoes tomorrow.
4.) What’s your favorite thing to do after work on a summer evening?

Will : Just relax


This is what happens when Will tries to relax!

5.) What’s one summer project you’d like to accomplish before the season ends?

Will : I guess it would be spraying the fence with weed killer so that can get cleared up.
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The August linkup will be on August 31, and here are the questions:

1.) August is back to school for most kids…was that a day you used to look forward to? Or no?
2.) What was your best memory from this summer?
3.) What are you looking forward to for the later half of the year?
4.) What is your dream vehicle?

5.) Tell us about your occupation…

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