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Guys Behind the Blog : March 2017

I’ve been blogging and writing for a few years now, and although I’ve talked about my husband here a few times, I’ve never really introduced you guys to him. That’s why I was really excited to find this linkup called Guys Behind the Blog! Every month, they have a few questions that they have people ask their husbands. This was a fun one because it let us have an interesting conversation, plus I love asking “would you rather” questions. Ā There’s also a Kids Behind the Blog linkup that I’ll have to participate in when our child’s vocabulary expands beyond the few words she can say! šŸ˜‰

GBTB March 2017

Ladies and gentleman, meet my husband, Thor…I mean, Will

1.) Would you rather have your dream job and make less money or have a job you hate and make tons of money?

Will – We know the answer to this one

(Amber note – earlier this month, he left a distribution center job that he was really unhappy in to start work as a security guard, which pays less, but it’s so up his alley that it’s a little scary. This question made us laugh because it’s our life now!)

2.) Would you rather play a hero or a villain in a movie?

Will – Villain or an antihero

Me – What do you mean by that?

Will – Antiheroes still do good, but they don’t care about the rules

Me – So, you want to be Deadpool?

Will – Yes…or The Punisher. The Punisher has a lot of guns.

(Amber note – he was a littleĀ too giddy when he said that)

3.) Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never be able to speak again?

Will – I always say what’s on my mind anyways.

Me – Don’t I know it…

4.) Would you rather go back in time and meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your great grandchildren?

Will – I think it would be cool to go back in time and meet my ancestors

5.) Would you rather swim in the Arctic Ocean with nothing but a swim suit (no wet suit) or walk through the desert in the middle of the summer having to wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt?

Will – Polar bear club

Me – You know, only one of us has done a Polar Bear Plunge…

Bonus question:
Would you rather live like a king but have no friends and family or be homeless with your friends and family?

Me – I know the answer to this one

Will – What do you think?

Me – You’d rather be homeless with your friends and family

Will – That is true

Me – It would save us a lot of money every month. Plus, if you’re The Punisher, no one will mess with us…

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