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It’s a Scary World Inside of My Head…

Does your brain ever get full of nonsense? Do you ever just have weird thoughts that you have to get out of your head, partially because they’re taking up space, and partially because you want to see if anyone else is as, er, odd as you?

Just one of the many weird things I’ve thought would be funny…

No? Just me? Well, in that case, enjoy some of the bizarre things that have been occupying my brain lately…

  • Would Miss Piggy and Maxwell the Geico pig be friends? Am I being pig-ist for assuming that just because they’re pigs they would get along? It seems like she would enjoy hanging around someone with extra money to spend, and we’ve seen from some Geico commericals that Maxwell can be quite the ladies’ man.
  • If Maxwell stole Miss Piggy from Kermit, would Kermit fight him? Who would win in that fight?
  • How small is the world’s smallest watermelon?
  • Would the world’s smallest watermelon have seeds? Would they be tiny or the same size as the seeds in a conventional watermelon?
  • How strong is the world’s strongest baby? How would that be determined?
  • How fun would it be to watch a baby strongman (or woman) contest?
  • Would the world’s strongest baby have to carry his or her parents instead of them carrying him/her?
  • When I eat wasabi edamame, do my little mucus people (like in the Mucinex commercials) feel like they’re being firebombed? Or do they just think that someone has turned up the heat in their little jazz club?
Phew! My brain feels lighter already!
Feel free to add your own thoughts…or to tell me how crazy I am! 😉

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