in spring

It’s Spring!!!

(After the way this past winter has been, the title gets THREE exclamation points…)

Welcome back to my unintentional “ode to a new season” series. I’ve written about fall and (reluctantly) about winter, so I had to talk about spring and why it’s my new favorite season…for now anyway.
1. It’s not winter: This shouldn’t need any explanation at all!
2. Flowers! Grass! Trees: Everything that looked so brown and dead during the winter begins to come back to life. Our yard starts to look less sad and more alive. Plus, the darker grass will help disguise the lack of puppy poop scooping that’s been going on lately…
3. Longer days: For a while, it was just depressing to go to work in the dark and drive home in the dark. It just made me feel lethargic! Longer days also mean that I can take K-pup outside after work and help him burn off some energy.
4. More sunshine!: Even if it’s not as warm as it looks outside, the sunshine makes things just seem better.
5. Fewer layers: Getting dressed is easier when you don’t have 1,800 layers to put on. 
6. Warmer weather: Daily temperatures above the 30s?!? I’ll take it! Also, warmer weather means we can open the windows more often at home and try to counteract our crazy gas bills from January and February. 
7. More time outside: I sit in front of a computer for way too many hours a day, so whenever there’s an opportunity to go outside and get fresh air and non-screen time, it’s definitely a good thing. (But, I have been guilty of taking my phone outside and being online outdoors. Partial credit?)
8. It’s not winter: I feel like this one needs to be reiterated.
Is anyone else happy about spring? Any winter fans out there who aren’t ready to see it leave?

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