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It’s Winter!

Since I wrote about all of the things I like about Fall, it only seems fair that I should write about Winter as well. I’m not going to lie; Winter is my least favorite season. I don’t like having to bundle up in twenty-five layers whenever I go anywhere or start the car early whenever I get ready to go to work. I’ve even told my husband for a couple of years in a row now that I’m “boycotting” Winter. Unfortunately, as he’s not-so-gently pointed out to me, it doesn’t quite work that way. So, I thought that writing about the positive sides of Winter might make me appreciate it a little more. Maybe.

1. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 from the Fall list: Okay, I know this is kind of cheating, but all of those good things can be applied to the Winter season too!

2. Fewer bugs: For some reason we had some wasps decide to try to share our house with us during some of the warmer days in Fall. They also liked to fly into my hair and dive bomb me, which really entertained Will! Since it’s gotten super cold, we haven’t had any wasps. I’m not really scared of any bugs (except crickets! Yuck!!), but I appreciate there being fewer around.

3. The possibility of snow days: This doesn’t happen for me quite as often as it does for school system employees, but since I work at a college, there are times when we will have delayed openings or even the rare occasion of getting to completely shut down. I’m such a chicken when it comes to driving in bad weather, so the less vacation time I have to use to stay home, the better!

4. A new year: I’m a really big nerd when it comes to new calendars, goals, and life changes. January 1 is like the Super Bowl for nerds like me! I won a Neu Year calendar from another blog, so this year the nerditude has been turned up to 11.

5. The Olympics!: This one is kind of a cheater one too since the Olympics don’t happen every Winter, but when they do, I become obsessed. I get really into sports that I didn’t even know existed! Bring on the duathlon!

6. It’s Snuggie season: Don’t judge me. I love my Snuggie. I know it’s essentially a backwards robe, but I don’t care!

7. Valentine’s Day: I know this is kind of a polarizing holiday, but I think it’s a sweet day. And yes, my husband shows me he loves me every day, so don’t give me the Hallmark holiday speech. Maybe I like it because I bust out my heart-printed Converses. Or, maybe I like it because it’s when he and I started dating (3 years ago!). Most likely, I just like it because of all of the chocolate…

Dang. I tried to think of a few more, but I’m stalled out! Do any of you have anything you love about Winter? Share your comments with me and help me appreciate the season a little more!

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