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Jesus Helps Me Book Review

I recently received a copy of Jesus Helps Me to review in exchange for my honest opinion. The book, written by Callie Grant and featuring art by Missi Jay, goes through the Bible verses John 12:44–47.

Grant offers an explanation at the beginning of the book about how birds are signs of the loving God who made them. She then goes through the verses, nearly line by line, and compares attributes of different birds with children’s relationships with God.

Honestly, I’m still not sure that I fully understand why Grant chose to use birds as reference points to the Bible verses. It almost felt more like a nature book than one about Jesus. It was a fairly short and easy read, but I couldn’t picture it as one that children would immediately gravitate towards.

It is a beautiful book, and she offers suggestions for how the grownups reading the book can integrate it with different age groups. There are also some supplemental materials on Pinterest. All in all, it wasn’t a bad book, but it just didn’t spark my interest, so I feel that it would be difficult for me to be excited while reading it to our daughter.

I will be donating this to our local public library instead of keeping it in our home library in the hopes that it may resonate with another family more than it did with mine, so if you’re in my area, check it out!


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