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June 2018 Goals

June 2018 goals

Maybe one of my monthly goals should be to update my goals monthly. That sounds like a tongue twister!

I haven’t posted goals since January. Honestly, we were kind of in survival mode for a while, so I didn’t make any goals. Now that things are semi-settling down, I want to get back in the habit of posting monthly goals!

In the interest of not repeating things yet again, let’s just say that I still haven’t finished unpacking, and we’ve been in our house for close to a year. I know that neat and organized people would say that if we haven’t needed it in a year, we should just get rid of the boxes. The bad part is that there are things we’ve needed and wanted, but we’ve done without them. This is also me trying to justify my semi-hoarding tendencies…

I’m also still not doing great with the going to bed at 10:30-11 thing. I think there has just been a lot going on in our lives, and sometimes late at night is the only time I really have to sit and be quiet and do things for myself. I’ve tried getting up earlier, but Charlotte has some kind of super hearing and senses when I’m awake. We’ll keep working on this one, shall we?

Let’s set some new goals!

  • Pay at least $1,200 in debt – I talked about this a little more on my other blog.
  • Send out 30(!) writing job pitches – This is part of me conquering fear and becoming braver. The more I pitch, the less scared I will be to do it!
  • Stay on track with my 100 Days to Brave devotional – It’s been so helpful for me lately!
  • Publish posts here Monday-Friday and every Monday on the other blog – I really enjoy writing, and I have a schedule for the month already. I just have to work on making posting a priority!
  • Do a time tracking week – I haven’t done one of these since I was engaged, so my life is completely different than it was back then! I would love to know how I spend my time and how I can become more efficient and work on goals more often.
  • Lose 10 pounds – I lost 10 in May, so let’s keep that positive momentum going!

Six goals for the sixth month. I like how that looks!

If you set monthly goals, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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