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Life Lately : Volume 1

Why hello there. I thought I would dust off the cobwebs of the ol’ blog and post some non-Charlotte related content (okay, mostly non-Charlotte related…and next week’s post is about her, so her fans can rejoice!).

I thought I would share some bits and pieces of what I’ve been up to lately and make it a “volume 1” posting that way I can use this idea again when I want to write but don’t want to use valuable brain power!

(I actually just switched out the vase filler yesterday and took the Easter stuff down. Go me!)

  • I made pizza wonton crisps and cheesy bacon roll ups for my husband and a few of our friends that came over. They were super easy and delicious! I made a couple of other things too, but these were my favorites!
  • My younger brother will be 25 this week. 25!! I remember when I was about to turn 25, and it doesn’t feel like that long ago. I’m getting old!!
  • I’ve been decorating my planner and obsessing over planner groups on Facebook. I’m even going to write a post in October about switching from an Erin Condren Life Planner to a Happy Planner (thanks for the idea, Trista!). My husband is really glad that I’ve finally found a hobby because that means I’m more forgiving of him spending time and money on his hobbies. šŸ˜‰

Okay, that’s about as much excitement as I think all of us can handle right now. What have all of you been up to lately? Who’s ready for summer to be over? Insert cliche about fall and bloggers and pumpkin spice lattes here…

Oh yeah, here’s a picture of Char just because I know people love her more than me or my mundane life updates!

That would be a piece of melted chocolate chip on her face. My dad let her put her tongue on a cookie “to get the taste of it.” She eats like her mother…

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