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Life Lately : Volume 3

  • Things have been slightly ridiculous lately because we sold our house!!! The housing market in our town is insane right now. We listed our house on a Friday afternoon, and by that night, we had a contract on it, and here’s the kicker, the girl that made the offer hadn’t even seen the house in person yet! Luckily, she had a showing on Saturday morning and decided to keep her offer! Phew!
  • We’re closing on both houses on the 29th. We can’t have access to the new place until we close, so we’ll basically be homeless nomads for a few days until we’re finished painting/updating/cleaning/all of the other fun stuff. I’ll definitely take before and after pictures!
  • Charlotte is 13 months old now and her personality is getting bigger and bigger! She’s such a little ham and loves attention (I have NO idea who she got that from…). She’s not crawling or walking yet, so we’re meeting with an early intervention specialist in a couple of weeks to work on a therapy plan for her. I don’t think she needs therapy because all kids do things in their own time, and she scoots and rolls and sits up just fine, but her doctor recommended the initial consultation, so we’ll give it a try.
  • Speaking of Charlotte, I’ve been carrying around thank you notes from her birthday for about a month now. Maybe I’ll actually send them this month!
  • If you’re a fan of Chick Fil A and don’t have their app on your phone, you need to download it right now. They give you “treats” pretty often. Today, I got a free smokehouse BBQ bacon sandwich. Those suckers aren’t cheap! I’ve got a free regular sandwich waiting too! Woo hoo!
  • Uh, so semi-related to that last note, I’ll pick up Fit Friday tomorrow, and I imagine it won’t be too great. I had a doctor appointment yesterday, and let’s just say that the weigh in portion was not my favorite. Not at all.
  • Google Trends released a map of America’s most misspelled words. Tennessee’s is chaos. Chaos? Really? Come on. That’s an easy one! I guess I can have some reassurance though since Mississippi’s word is nanny, and Georgia’s word is gray (maybe they don’t know whether or not they’re British and need to spell it with an -a or an -e). Rhode Island can’t spell liar. Are there any words you have trouble spelling? Did your state’s word surprise you?
  • I’m facing my quarterly dilemma of whether I should cut my hair shorter or let it grow. Internet, help me make life choices…

That’s what’s happening in Amber world right now. How are things for you?

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  1. Good luck with your move! Nothing like 2 moves in a week – been there, done that👍 Have a great summer, I know it will be busy ☺️


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